Dawn Romeo

Women and Divorce After 40

Divorce is a difficult process for anyone, but it can be especially challenging for women who get divorced when their children are grown. After all, they have spent years raising their children together with their spouse, and now they are faced with the prospect of starting over on their own. As a life coach, I […]

Stop Playing Small: Overcoming the First Hurdle of Achievement

Do you find that you don’t manage to take more than a few baby steps towards achieving your goal before you fall back into familiar patterns of behavior? If so, you’re not alone. There is a reason that most people never seriously pursue their dreams or aspirations and believe it or not, it’s the same […]

Get Back on Track with Your New Year’s Goals

As January draws to a close and the fire of determination fueling your New Year’s resolution starts to wane, you may find yourself deviating from your plan, losing momentum or just giving up altogether. First of all, don’t beat yourself up, you’re not alone. Statistics indicate that by July, less than 10% of people feel […]

7 Steps to Success in the New Year

  ‘New year, new you’: it’s a lovely idea, but how many of us actually manage to follow through with the New Year’s resolutions we set ourselves? The truth is that most New Year goals fall flat before January is even over. Whether you want to lose weight, get a new job, develop a new […]

Life 101 A Guide To Your Personal Evolution is Released

Montclair, NJ – May 24th, 2016 – Accomplished Psychotherapist and Amazon #1 Best Selling Author Dawn Romeo has joined together with Certified Life Coach, Psychotherapist and accomplished author Linda Voogd to co-author, “Life 101: A Guide to Your Personal Evolution”   A nineteen-year, multi-faceted career qualifies Dawn Romeo, to be an impressive and highly effective psychotherapist who […]