Dawn Romeo

Who are you?


I am Dawn Romeo a life coach, therapist, author, and speaker.  I am passionate about helping you release self-sabotaging behaviors so you can live your best life.


If you are tired of playing small, hiding your gifts, and giving your power away, you will enjoy getting results through my Coaching Program.

My unique coaching style will provide clarity and assist you in making the decisions that are right for you.

  • Have you ever felt like you were getting in your own way?
  • Has perfectionism ever blocked you from moving forward?
  • Have you ever given your power or dream away to someone or something in your life?
  • Have you ever blocked your success with procrastination?

Learn to eliminate negative behavior, release resistance, and clear blocks to manifest your best life. If you have ever sabotaged your success, resisted change, or just want to overcome feeling overwhelmed, know you can enjoy exceptional results in your life.

What can I expect from my coaching session?

You will work on building your confidence, enhancing your self-esteem, learn how to think big and define what you really want in detail, determine all of your objectives to get what you want and how to carry them out.

Through this process you will undoubtedly develop new ways to cope with stress, finding new strategies to deal with difficult situations, and much more….overall, our work will increase your ability to enjoy your life.


What type of clients do you treat?

I work with both adults and adolescents. I see clients individually, as couples and families.

What is your approach to treatment?

I take a client-centered approach to treatment. I base our work on your goals and what you want to achieve in your life.  I use a combination of therapies including cognitive-behavioral, strength’s perspective, motivational enhancement as well as a coaching model. Often times I use a combination of these modalities in a collaborative effort to help you meet your goals.

What areas are the focus of your practice?

Anxiety & Panic

Substance Abuse/ Addiction

Relationship Issues

Anger Management


Family Conflict


How long before I will feel better?

Everyone responds differently.  Together we will also monitor your progress and how you feel about our work so you have a sense of the positive changes you are making.

What are your fees and how can I pay?

I accept many insurance plans.

Call or email for further information including fees.